With more than a decade of experience in the field of education, has made us a time-tested resource in helping students to gain admission in recognized universities across the Globe. We are team of informed and committed senior education advisors/counselors who understand the need of the students.

    Our trained and experienced, team of counselors help students identify a course and university that perfectly match their career ambitions. We always strive to offer the best for you, keeping in mind the changing world, job market. We only offer best universities after reviewing their profile and recognitions.

    With the increasing number of career options today it has become far more complex in making a decision. Connect to our experts for best Career Counseling which enables you to make the right Career choices.


    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest; Let us do the work for you. Our admission expert’s help you identify a course that matches with your career ambitions. With our experience in this field, we always have updated information on new standards and career options. As a lot of new courses are introduced every year we can help you choose the best study option that meets your future goals.


    Students from non-native English speaking countries must take an English language proficiency exam in order to apply for a university abroad. Either the University or the Country that you are applying for may ask for a proof of language

    Here at Dream Overseas Education we offer training for taking an English language proficiency test in IELTS, TOEFL or GRE, Our Preparation courses are carefully structured and specifically designed to help you prepare for these internationally recognized examinations.

    Other than that we teach Deutsch and French language courses for students applying in either Germany or France.


    once you complete the English proficiency tests or other language courses. We do the profile analysis based upon the academic scores and tests results, we will be guiding you with universities that are suitable for your profile which are safe and challenging. Having decided the course and University you are applying for, the next step is to get an admission, for which you should provide a set of documents of your education and background.

    Standard documents include your Academic Certifications, CV, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, Project Synopsis and English Proficiency test results, there might be a few more documents required for certain type of courses or the university. In case if you don’t have relevant documents our advisors will be helping you.

    When the document preparation is complete, we apply to the universities on behalf you, thereafter all the communication with the university will be done by us. We will be in frequent contact with you about the status of your application.


    Scholarship opportunities are available for international studies, Universities or the Country you apply for may award scholarships and Financial aid fee waivers to international students. These Scholarships & Financial aid fee waivers are awarded on basis of academic merit, good performance on standardized exams & extra-curricular achievements, sometimes financial backgrounds may be taken for consideration, Student are allotted different types of scholarship like Merit-based, Student specific, Destination specific and Program specific. Scholarship or financial assistance are offered on case to case basis there is no guarantee and be at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of that institution. In case you are applying for a scholarship it must be done at the earliest possible.

    All the Scholarships have different eligibility criteria depending on the university and course. Here at Dream Overseas Education we give step-by-step guidance for the entire process. Our systematized approach and a network with Universities helped a lot students to be successful in their scholarship applications.


    Once after your admission, We guide you through the preparation of all the academic and financial documents required for visa application and necessary training will be provided before the interview. We will be giving you all the formats and guidelines for the same. This includes completing all the necessary documentation needed for the student visa, applying for student visa and coordinating with the respective embassy. We also prepare students for their visa interview through mock interview sessions. We also carefully review the documents and check if everything is in order before submitting them.


    After approval of Visa, we provide to the students aims to give them clear idea of the issues to consider before their departure. Moving to another country for the first time can cause anxiety and stress after hearing rumors about others and the difficulties they faced. But the truth is that travelling to a new country is a wonderful experience where you can meet new people, learn more about their culture, There are different communities formed by Indian students in a number of countries to help the fresher’s arriving and in no time you will be having a feel of home. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure a smooth transition.

    What we do to Help Students

    • Step by step preparation of documents required for travelling
    • Helping to book tickets and preparing itinerary for items to take
    • Applying for a Transit Visa if required
    • Travel Insurance
    • Forex and travel cards
    • mobile phone connections
    • Pre-Departure Briefing

    Our Post landing assistance ensure that you feel at home in your new country. Our associates will provide all necessary post landing assistance to ensure that you don’t have any difficulties on arrival. We make sure to get you in contact with the international admissions office of the university you applied for or if any former students who studied there. We also help students with Airport pick up, temporary accommodation, guidance on part time job, opening bank accounts etc.