MCI Listed University

Philippines China / Russia / Ukraine
American / US pattern of Education Non American Pattern of Education
English Speaking Country: English is an official language of Philippines with Filipino. Philippines a former colony of USA & has strong ties with US. 94% of population speaks English. It rd has the 3 largest English speaking country after USA and UK. Chinese / Russian: Is the official language. Medical Students need to learn the local language and pass an examLess than 4% of the population speaks English
Talk to patients in English. Easy to understand and follow and learn. Patients speak local language - Chinese or Russian - very difficult to understand & follow.
Strong culture of USMLE preparation and going to the USA for jobs. Many toppers go to USA from Philippines. No culture of USMLE preparation or going to USA for jobs.
Have tie ups with US Colleges for Clinical clerkship / rotation. Recommendation letters help in getting jobs in the USA after graduation No such tie-ups or culture in China / Russia / Ukraine
Tropical country with diseases common in India such as Malaria, Typhoid etc. Great training & clinical experience for students Temperate country. Cold. Snows for 2-3 months in a year. No tropical diseases. No training in these diseases. Education is incomplete.
Indian food, Asian foods available in Manila. Food is expensive and Asian / Indian food not easily available
Weather: Tropical - like India ranges from 21 to 37 degree centigrade. Temperate: Three months of snow. Winter temperature is -20 (minus 20 degrees) so students find difficulty in winter.
Course takes 4½ years in Philippines for students who have finished class 12 Course takes 6 years in China / Russia
Course takes 4 years in Philippines for students who have finished Bachelors of any pre-medical or equivalent course of two year after school - i.e. they have 14 years of education of which the last 4 years had Biology, Chemistry and related subjects. Course takes 6 years in China / Russia even with pre-medical subjects.
Very easy to get tourist visa and visit Manila Visa processing is complicated for Russia / Ukraine
Located in Metro city. Manila - capital with a population of over 20 million (2 crores) lots of hospitals and lots of patients Usually located in smaller cities - not the capital.
Excellent Track record. Over 90% success rate of MCI test. Very high success rate in USMLE Lower success rate in MCI and USMLE.


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